Auditorium Audio Visual Solutions



Education & Business

Auditoriums in Education & Business Campuses are a powerful platform to share knowledge, information and content. Audio visual technology empowers a single presenter to share information with hundreds of people. This fusion of sight, sound and connectivity facilitates knowledge sharing in a large space.
Business campuses are spotted with auditoriums that host all-company meetings, seminars and training, while universities rely on auditorium environments for large lecture classes.


Projectors + Screens

Webcon IT helps you find the right projector system based upon the size, clarity and functional needs. Our team has helped customers with solutions from short-throw projectors to multi-projector systems for large auditoriums.


Sound Systems

MICROPHONES Whether it’s podium or hand-held, the microphone must match the needs of the room. We have installed mobile podium and microphone systems for rooms to provide additional flexibility in the space.

SPEAKERS Webcon’s design group recommends the size and location of speaker systems for clear sound. Often overlooked in the planning process, speaker choice and placement are paramount for a functional lecture hall, allowing students throughout the room to hear the information.


Connectivity + User Interface

CONNECTIVITY Lap tops, tablets, and mobile phones are everywhere, and having appropriate power enables students to engage in the content through long lectures. Our team installs connection boxes in table for plug and play, charging and more.

USER INTERFACE Depending on how the space will be used, we can program an intuitive user interface or develop a plug and play option.