Classroom Technology



Improve Learning

Technology is an important classroom tool. Interactive displays, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), projectors, intercoms and even microphones can be found in most K-12 and higher education classrooms. Webcon helps educational institutions enhance the learning experience by leveraging technology to improve the learning environment.

Hearing a teacher during a lecture and seeing a presentation without strain are fundamental components of education. Even in K-12 classrooms / lecture halls, a good microphone & the correct screen size can be the difference between an engaged class and distracted students.


Interactive Display

Interactive Displays offer a monitor without the need for projector bulbs, wireless internet and can be very easy to use. An interactive display is a large monitor that is controlled by touching the screen, like an oversized tablet. While interactive displays exist in the market, we’re seeing a trend towards displays which can be used with a variety of different platforms and software.


Personal Microphone

Microphones developed for the education setting offer a variety of styles. They can hang like a necklace or tie around a teacher’s neck, offering a hands-free experience. Completely voice controlled, these microphones can be turned on and off by a simple voice command. For larger spaces, we provide wireless hand-held and lapel microphones, as well as podium microphones.



BYOD is becoming increasingly important in education, and so is finding technologies that can work in a BYOD environment. We can recommend BYOD friendly technology for your classroom.