AV for Unique Spaces



For Unique Spaces

Audio visual solutions can enhance customer and employee experience through technologies like digital signage, wayfinding, and video walls. These displays provide a dynamic platform to promote new products, showcase your brand, and help customers find their way through your facility.
Webcon provides digital signage and video walls for indoor and outdoor use. Our customers utilize digital signage in a variety of environments, creating content to impact their business.
Digital signage in lobbies offers organizations a unique platform to display their brand content. Wayfinding can play an important role in helping patients to get to navigate around hospitals and arrive at their appointments on time.


Digital Signage

Digital signage can increase customer engagement, enhance advertising efforts, and augment information sharing. It provides a flexible platform, whether you’re looking for a customer-focused advertising or a way to display real-time internal business metrics. Digital Signage is being used for menu boards, real-time customer data, process sharing, metric displays and more.


Video Wall

Video walls are large, multi-monitor displays. You may notice video walls at large banks, venues and retail locations. They’re used on university campuses and in businesses where there is a desire to showcase content in an eye-catching, dynamic way. New technologies like streaming video are making these platforms more flexible and easy to use.



Wayfinding is like a digital map, showing visitors where they are in a facility in relation to other areas. This is especially helpful in hospitals, large buildings, and university campuses where new visitors are unfamiliar with the layout.

Visitor’s attention can be drawn to a ‘you are here’ flashing pin for easy assessment of their current location. In addition, wayfinding allows organizations to update the layout with changing conditions. For example, if a new business moves in or physician changes offices.